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MOBILE APPS:  There are two versions of the mobile app for Understanding Female Pelvic Anatomy in 3D.  The ANDROID App can be obtained directly from this shopping cart using the link below.  The APPLE iOS app can only be obtained from the Apple Store.  The link under the Apple icon will redirect you to the Apple Store  where you can pay for and download the iOS version.


The Understanding Female Pelvic Anatomy in 3D Mobile App is the version of the Interactive 3D Pelvic Anatomy Program designed for use on your phone or tablet.  This app is one of the most user-friendly, flexible tools anywhere for the study of a specific anatomical region.  Designed to give the user a good grasp of the relationship of the soft parts to each other and within the bony pelvis.

  • Graphically-designed parts in solid contrasting colors allow easy identification and differentiation
  • Virtual 3D modeling to best illustrate this complex, tiny, interwoven anatomy
  • Total user control over the angle of view
  • 48 anatomical parts that can be turned on or off in any combination
  • An orientation cube that shows the anatomical position of the model at all times
  • Based on the latest research into female pelvic soft-tissue anatomy in young, healthy, living women.
  • The posture and position of each anatomical part is fixed in relation to all other parts, so no worries about distorting or disturbing the model as you manipulate it
  • True gynecoid bony pelvic model included
  • Never lose track of what you are viewing: hover the cursor over any anatomical part and the name of that part appears in the top center of the viewport

     The anatomy section of the complimentary text, Healing Passage: A Midwife’s Guide to the Care and Repair of the Tissues Involved in Birth, is available as a pdf file for study.   An up-to-date explanation of female pelvic soft tissue anatomy that you won’t find in any other textbook.
    Easy to learn, easy to use

The mobile version of this application for phone and tablet use is licensed for individual personal and private use only.  Desktop/Laptop versions of the software, as well as expanded permissions and conditions for use of the mobile app are available.  Go to 3D Anatomy software>Desktop Software


I want the Desktop Software Suite as well as the Mobile app, is there any special discount for me?

The Mobile apps, both licensed for $15.00, are for personal and private use only.  This is now the product recommended for students on a very tight budget.  The desktop software is available at varying licensing levels depending upon your intended use. If you obtain the mobile app and then wish to obtain the entire Understanding Female Pelvic Anatomy in 3D Desktop Software Suite you may do so by paying the appropriate additional licensing fee.  If you want the Desktop Software for personal and private use, you can get an additional discount.


To obtain a discount for the desktop software suite:  Go ahead and get the Mobile app that you require BEFORE ordering the Desktop/Laptop 3D Anatomy Software Suite.  I will either have the receipt for the ANDROID app in my files or you can email your receipt for the APPLE app that the Apple Store sent you.  I will then email you a discount coupon worth $5.00 that you can apply to your order for the 3D Anatomy Desktop Software Suite.