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Understanding Female Pelvic Anatomy in 3D Desktop Software (Windows & Mac) & MP4 Film Suite

  • Understanding Female Pelvic Anatomy in 3D Software Suite

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Product Description

UNDERSTANDING FEMALE PELVIC ANATOMY IN 3D Desktop SOFTWARE for Windows & Mac & MP4 FILM SUITE includes two unique educational tools:

  • The Interactive Female Pelvic Anatomy program, which gives you the ability to select, view and rotate 48 graphically-depicted anatomical parts in virtual 3D.  Software for both Windows and Mac computers is included.
  • Downloadable High Definition version of the film: Five Vignettes Introducing Selected Soft Tissue Regions of the Female Pelvis, which includes:
  1. The Uretrovaginal Sphincter Muscle Complex
  2. The Perineal Membrane Connective Tissue Complex
  3. The Clitoral Complex
  4. The Levator Ani Muscle Complex
  5. The External Anal Sphincter

            For an additional $15.00 you may order a copy of the film on DVD.  This option is only available with the purchase of a license for the entire Software Suite.

Also included:

  • PDF file of the Software Suite User's Manual (A guide to installing and using the software)
  • Anatomy section of the text Healing Passage, A Midwife's Guide to the Care and Repair of the Tissues Involved in Birth, 6th ed (2010)


Full details of these features can be found by clicking here.


Licensing Levels

The Understanding Female Pelvic Anatomy in 3D Desktop/Laptop Software Suite is licensed at different price-points, depending upon your intended use.

Please note that the same software with the same content is included.  Whether you are a student or a university, you will be working with the full version of the material.

A summary of these licensing levels and associated permissions follows:

*Personal, private, individual use when not purchased with Healing Passage:  $45.00
This licensing level is also available in a package-deal discount special when bundled with Healing Passage.  This level grants the following permissions:

  • Installation of the Interactive 3D Pelvic Anatomy Program on up to two devices (such as computers or tablets) and playing the HD fillm on any device that can do so.
  • Any personal and private use, regardless of whether you are a midwife or not.
  • Viewing in study groups with no instructor present (each student should have their own copy for private study)
  • Use of the material up to twice yearly on a non-regular basis (i.e., not more frequently than twice a year for two years in a row) for teaching CEU-granting or other types of classes that do not lead to a credential
  • If you are a midwife: you can use the material with all the clients in your midwifery practice plus use for teaching practice-specific classes (such as childbirth education classes)

*Full-time practitioner who is not a midwife (such as a pelvic floor therapist) who wishes to use the DVD when working with clients: $85.00

  • Includes the first four permissions listed above, plus
  • Use of the software suite with an unlimited number of clients in your practice and for teaching practice-specific classes to your clients

*Independent professional educator: $150.00

  • Includes all of the above permissions plus:
  • For those not affiliated with an educational program, other than CEU-granting venues, that will use the software with paying audiences more than twice yearly on a regular basis (regular use is defined as more often than two years in a row).  This includes expertise-specific educational classes (including childbirth preparation) for persons who are not your clients.

*Institutional rate for direct-entry midwifery schools and their libraries: $200.00

  • Includes other types of credential-granting programs of all kinds not otherwise indicated in above licensing levels (doula, pelvic floor therapy, childbirth education, midwifery training offered by a professional midwifery association, etc.) or other programs not affiliated with a University

*Institutional rate, Universities and their libraries, public libraries and all other categories: $300.00

*Special rate for permanent residents and natives of developing countries, all uses:  $45.00

  • Specific limitations of this license are outlined in the User's Manual--send an e-mail application for this license.  It must be shipped to an international address unless specific arrangements are made for US shipping.  Click here to apply for this license.


If you are not sure how you will be using the Anatomy Software Suite in the future, you can go ahead and pay for the level of use you know you want now.  When and if you need to change your license to a higher level of use, you can call me and pay the difference to be fully in compliance with the terms of your license.


Mobile versions of this application for phone and tablet use are available as well and are licensed for individual personal and private use only.


The ANDROID version is available here.  The iOS for Apple devices is available only through the Apple Store, and can be obtained by clicking here.


Before you place your order, please see this page for tips on downloading these large files.







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