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If you have already received your order and something is not as you had expected, please let me know.  Always call or email the office first  and allow me to reply before sending an item back for any reason.

Contact information is at the bottom of this page.

IF YOU ARE ACCIDENTLY SHIPPED THE WRONG PRODUCT: In such cases, notify the office and the correct product will be sent to you. If the mistake was mine, there will be no additional shipping charges and I will give you a small credit to pay for the postage for returning the item you were mistakenly sent.  If the mistake was yours, you will need to return the wrong item at your expense and pay the usual shipping and handling charge ($4.25 on the first item, $2.50 for each additional item) to have the correct item shipped to you.  All items must be returned items in new condition.  It is okay to use the same box and packing material in which the order was shipped as long as the box is not damaged.

PRINTED ITEMS--DEFECTIVE BINDING, PAGINATION DEFECTS:  It is a printing fact-of-life that occasionally a defective book slips into circulation. Unfortunately, about 10% of the first printing (1995) of Holistic Midwifery contained books with bad bindings.  Pagination problems include such mishaps as missing, misplaced, blank, inverted or duplicated pages.  Some books have had all of these problems. A very few of the revised edition of Holistic Midwifery and one or two copies of Diagnostic Tests have turned up defective as well. Because of the way reference books are used, some midwives have had a book for a while, but not noted page defects until they went to look something up, only to discover pagination problems. Whatever the difficulty, please rest assured that we will exchange your defective item for a new one. 

Any defects in material or workmanship should be reported as soon as they are noted. Truly defective bindings will start to be apparent soon after purchase. However, any book, especially those that are soft cover, if used heavily enough, will eventually show wear and start to fall apart. Therefore, please report only those binding problems that you believe to be true defects in material or workmanship, not those produced by heavy, long-term use.

SHOULD I RETURN DEFECTIVE PRINTED ITEMS? As a general policy, you will not be required to return defective printed items to me unless it is newly in print, in that case I will let you know when you call how to proceed.  Replacement of defective printed items is on the honor system. Returning heavy books costs money and I must then dispose of the books, since my printer, once they are aware of the problem, does not require repeated samples to inspect for defects.

TO EXCHANGE A DEFECTIVE PRINTED ITEM: If you are returning Holistic Midwifery, Volume I, check the lower left hand corner of the back cover. Is there a bar code there? Please let me know if there is (the lack of a bar code indicates that this is the first printing of Holistic Midwifery).  Send me your name, shipping address, phone number, email address, book title, and the bar code status if you are reporting on Holistic Midwifery, Vol 1 and the defects you have found.  I will contact you regarding a replacement.

TROUBLESHOOTING POSSIBLY DEFECTIVE DVDs: Defective DVDs may turn up on occasion. BEFORE PURCHASING A LICENSE, please be sure your computer and/or audio/visual hardware meets the minimum criteria for running the DVD.  If it won't play on your computer, try a DVD player hooked up to a TV. If you discover that you cannot play a DVD on the equipment you have (because the equipment is too old) you may return the DVD for a full refund IF it is postmarked by the 10th day after you receive it. If you have waited too long, I suggest that you update your equipment.  Licenses are not transferable.

RETURNS & EXCHANGE POLICY ON 3D ANATOMY Software:  If you have purchased a license for the 3D Anatomy Software it is nonreturnable if the wrapping has been installed.

Please call the office if you wish to return or exchange an item or need a replacement or if you have further questions.  503-255-3378 or email me using the contact form below.

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